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This is very sad news. :-(

I remember Rob giving me a massage in Florence. As he was doing so he
explained that his massage-a-thons were the second highest source of
donated income for the PSF. A truly wonderful result for which Rob
should be congratulated. I also appreciated the good grace he showed as
people paid him NOT to massage them while eating their conference dinner
at EuroPython.

Best wishes to Rob and Ann.


On 26/07/16 19:58, Peter Inglesby wrote:
> Hi all,
> Please see the forwarded message below for some news about Rob Collins
> -- I'm afraid it's not good news.  Rob has been a member of the Python
> community in the UK for a very long time, and is a regular at PyCon UK.
> When John Pinner was ill, Rob organised a card-signing for John at PyCon
> UK, and I would like us to do the same for Rob.  If you have any
> messages of support or reminiscences that you would like to share with
> Rob, please send them to me by the end of Saturday.  The PyCon UK
> committee will collate them and we'll send them on to Ann.
> Thanks,
> Peter.
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> From: *Anthon van der Neut* <avdn at europython.eu <mailto:avdn at europython.eu>>
> Date: 26 July 2016 at 12:21
> Subject: News about Rob Collins
> To: EuroPython Society Board <board at europython.eu
> <mailto:board at europython.eu>>, Harry Percival <hjwp2 at cantab.net
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> Peter Inglesby <peter.inglesby at gmail.com <mailto:peter.inglesby at gmail.com>>
> L.S.
> I wrote to Rob Collins, because he was a fixture for me at EuroPython
> doing the massages, collecting money for the PSF, and because I missed
> him this year. I asked around if anybody knew why he was not there and
> since nobody knew, decided to write him. Unfortunately the news I got
> back from his wife Ann is not so good, see below.
> Please forward this information within the Python community as Ann asked
> in her reply. I am not sure if we should necessarily coordinate
> responses, but I would like to ask anyone writing to Rob (through Ann)
> to **explicitly state that you don't expect an answer**, so that those
> (e)mails become a support for Rob and Ann without being a possible
> burden for Ann, who might feel guilty if she cannot find the time to
> answer in such a stressful time.
> Regards
> Anthon
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> Subject:        Re: EuroPython 2016
> Date:   Tue, 26 Jul 2016 11:49:26 +0100
> From:   Rob Collins <rob.collins at agiledata.co.uk
> <mailto:rob.collins at agiledata.co.uk>>
> To:     Anthon van der Neut <avdn at europython.eu <mailto:avdn at europython.eu>>
> Hello Anthon, this is Rob's wife Ann here.
> That's really kind of you to message Rob, especially regarding the
> massages! He was excited to raise money for the Python Foundation doing
> the massages, and encouraging others to do them too. I'm so glad Harry
> organized some massage this year!
> Rob is currently in hospital. He was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma
> Multiforme, essentially brain tumours, inoperable, quickly fatal, and
> rather a shock to us all. The diagnosis was further complicated by a
> major bleed from the tumours, resulting in a massive stroke. Rob can't
> move his right side at all, and has problems swallowing, and has until
> this week only been able to communicate by grunting. At last he is
> beginning to make words, but any concentrated effort wears him out very
> quickly- but it is wonderful to hear him speaking a little again. We are
> getting a room ready at home for him to return to, with hospital bed,
> hoist, wheelchair, and carers. He is desperate to come home, and we all
> want to spend his last few weeks with him here.
> Please do pass this news within the Python community as you need to.
> Thanks again for sending your message! Hope you enjoyed EuroPython. I
> came with Rob to Florence when it was held there, and had a wonderful
> time visiting the sights, and then took Rob to the Boboli Gardens when
> the conference ended and he had a couple of days of holiday before we
> flew home. I also came to the Saturday evening meal last year at PyCon
> UK, and it was good to put faces to the names I'd heard Rob mention before.
> Best wishes to you, Ann
> On 24 July 2016 at 21:28, Anthon van der Neut <avdn at europython.eu
> <mailto:avdn at europython.eu>
> <mailto:avdn at europython.eu <mailto:avdn at europython.eu>>> wrote:
>     Dear Rob,
>     I don't know if you remember me, but I missed you at EuroPython this
>     year. I had seen you there every time I went to EuroPython (several
>     times since 2006) and PyCon UK (a few times in 00's).
>     At the social event Harry (who did the lightning talks last year, in the
>     absense of Harald) organized the massage and I realised I had not seen
>     you yet. I asked around if you are OK, but nobody could give me any
>     information.
>     I just wanted to let you know that I like to think your absence was
>     because you had even better things to do than go to EuroPython, and that
>     I hope to see you again at a future event.
>     Regards
>     Anthon van der Neut
>     Boardmember/Treasurer EuroPython Society
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