[python-uk] Windows Clipboard Module

John Sampson jrs.idx at ntlworld.com
Tue Jun 28 07:47:23 EDT 2016

I am using win32clipboard module with Python 2.7 in Windows 7. I have 
code which uses GetClipboardData() and SetClipboardText(argument). 
Before running the code I copy text into the Windows clipboard from a 
proprietary program. I know that this program adds garbage to the end of 
the string, namely null-value bytes and possibly other invisible stuff.

When I paste the contents of the Windows clipboard into a Tkinter text 
box I get the string obtained by GetClipboardData() although I have 
since run SetClipboardText(argument).

If I paste the contents of the Windows clipboard at this stage into the 
Boxer text editor I get the string placed by SetClipboardText(argument). 
If I paste into the Tkinter program again, or into Vim or into Microsoft 
Word, I get the string obtained using GetClipboardData(). I can repeat 
this as many times as I like - one string into Boxer, the other string 
into the other programs.

I deduce that both strings must be in the clipboard at the same time, 
but it depends which program has focus which string is pasted in using 
Control v.

Is there a way of showing the contents of the clipboard, garbage and 
all? I would like to find a way of making the Windows clipboard behave 
as it is supposed to - new contents overwriting the old.


John Sampson

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