[python-uk] Coding "Bootcamps"

Derek O'Connell doc at doconnel.f9.co.uk
Fri May 20 04:27:02 EDT 2016

I doubt I need to preach about it here but I'd still liked to suggest
starting by simply having fun! If your friend has a personal
interest/hobby where programming can be used for exploration then grab a
module that does most of the grunt work and start hacking away at the
examples for his own purposes. It's the best and quickest way to get new
programmers over that initial hump without swamping them. If he has
absolutely no experience then I'd even suggest something like Scratch*
to begin with to get the general idea of translating ideas into code. I
also love Jupyter notebooks for this situation so that personal (rich)
notes can be kept local to code as learning progresses.   

* It's easy to transition from Scratch to Python while still having fun
with the help of modules such as https://github.com/pilliq/scratchpy

Btw, I would be really interested to hear fun and practical links
between philosophy and programming for learning purposes. Of course
there's a long history linking philosophy, maths and programming. Books
like "Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid" might provide some


On 18/05/16 10:59, John via python-uk wrote:
> Hi all,
> A philosopher friend of mine wants to transition into working as a software
> developer (paying work in philosophy being a bit rare). He lives in London,
> and is considering signing up for one of the Coding "Bootcamps" that
> various organisations run. I wondered if any of you have any
> recommendations you could make, and indeed whether any of these bootcamps
> teach Python?
> Thanks,
> John
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