[python-uk] London Dojo postponed a week

Tom Viner tom at viner.tv
Thu May 26 06:40:43 EDT 2016

Morning all,

Just to let South-East Englander's know: to avoid clashing with PyCon,
June's Dojo is postponed a week, to the 9th of June.

And I can reveal that Bank of America will be our hosts!

Expect ticket availability in a week.

While I'm here, two extra messages:

If you've been to a dojo before and fancy having a go at cat herding,
please drop us a line at team at ldnpydojo.org.uk or have a word in person. As
well as organising the task picking and teams on the night, there's just a
few emails like this one to be sent. It's both a public service in that it
keeps the dojo renewed with organisers, it tops up your public speaking
skills and doesn't look bad on your CV to boot. It's not hard, we'll
provide full guidance on what's required (which isn't much), and you get to
skip the queue for tickets :-)

Secondly, if your company fancies hosting the dojo at your office, drop us
a line at team at ldnpydojo.org.uk

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