[python-uk] BBC micro:bit hardware released under open license

Michael sparks.m at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 14:13:35 EDT 2016


Which original design do you mean? The actual board distributed to a
million kids or the proto type microbit - proto:bit - that I did as the
original work that enabled the partnership etc? (ie the stuff I talked
about at Pycon UK last year - device, software stack, original DAL,
website, original python/c++ compiler etc - ie that we used to run the
schools trial with a 1000 devices across a dozen or so schools in the UK,
and informed the original specs/reference docs)

Regarding the former, I can't speak to that, but regarding the latter, I've
had commitment from people to approve release of it, and so on and so
forth, but it's now been over 12 months since I expected the go ahead for
that. I still expect that to be released (and I know its in good hands),
but I don't know when. (After all when you do work for an employer you
don't own the code or rights to release... )

It was always expected from all the partners (inc the BBC) that all
contributions would be open source, so I'd hope/expect the same for the
production hardware. (Though the reference implementation Nick's posted
about here would be a much better starting point IMO, for someone looking
to develop something new. )

Regarding the python to c++ compiler part of it, that should be a bit moot
by the time the proto:bit stack is released because I've been working
(slowly) on a better one. (It allows you to compile python code for devices
smaller than the ones Micropython will run on). (It's on pyxie -[a verbal
play on pycc - pyc-c ] pypi/github/my website)

I know that's a non-answer largely, at best slightly useful, but hopefully

Regarding a breakout board - proto pic have been tweeting about lots of
interesting breakout boards they've been building recently..



On 19 October 2016 at 16:34, Carlos Pereira Atencio <carlosperate at gmail.com>

> As far as I understood there was still talks with the BBC to release the
> original design as well, is that still ongoing?
> Also, it would be quite awesome if there was also a OSH breakout board for
> the edge connector, it could serve as a base for projects to interface with
> microbit (like the Arduino shields, or raspberry pi hats). Who would be the
> best person to ask about that, Jonny?
> On 19 October 2016 at 15:26, Nicholas H.Tollervey <ntoll at ntoll.org> wrote:
>> Here: http://tech.microbit.org/
>> Please upvote this on HN:
>> https://news.ycombinator.com/edit?id=12744016
>> Yay... you can't imagine how happy I am this is all finally out there...
>> everything is open and anyone can go make a micro:bit.
>> N.
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