[python-uk] BBC micro:bit hardware released under open license

Nicholas H.Tollervey ntoll at ntoll.org
Thu Oct 20 03:54:12 EDT 2016


As I understand it (from Jonny), the BBC intends to release these
designs but, y'know, gotta have some bureaucracy... ;-)

Jonny is definitely the person to ping about this.


On 19/10/16 16:34, Carlos Pereira Atencio wrote:
> As far as I understood there was still talks with the BBC to release the
> original design as well, is that still ongoing?
> Also, it would be quite awesome if there was also a OSH breakout board
> for the edge connector, it could serve as a base for projects to
> interface with microbit (like the Arduino shields, or raspberry pi
> hats). Who would be the best person to ask about that, Jonny?
> On 19 October 2016 at 15:26, Nicholas H.Tollervey <ntoll at ntoll.org
> <mailto:ntoll at ntoll.org>> wrote:
>     Here: http://tech.microbit.org/
>     Please upvote this on HN:
>     https://news.ycombinator.com/edit?id=12744016
>     <https://news.ycombinator.com/edit?id=12744016>
>     Yay... you can't imagine how happy I am this is all finally out there...
>     everything is open and anyone can go make a micro:bit.
>     N.
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