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Daniel Pope lord.mauve at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 18:34:24 EDT 2016

Hi all,

My team at Two Sigma is looking to fill a number of roles for reliability


Two Sigma is a hedge fund, but unlike most financial companies we try to
cultivate a genuine hacker culture, and more than half of our engineers
don't come from a finance background. Don't believe me? This is the kind of
stuff that happens in our New York office:


Now, to be fair, the London office is young and small, and we don't have
this kind of event... yet. But every engineer in London has just been
issued one of these to hack on, based on the esp8266 (I understand
MicroPython can run on this

[image: IMG_20161026_225856.jpg]
Reliability Engineering does all manner of interesting things in the devops
space, from the basics like automation, monitoring, metrics, release
management, and supporting production systems, to working with teams to
improve process and practice or conceiving and implementing new tooling.
You'll need to be a problem solver, a generalist with broad knowledge
covering diverse software stacks and languages, distributed systems,
networking, and operations, and to be willing to travel and connect with
people from across the organisation.

Some of my colleagues in other teams in London are also hiring. We're doing
some green-field full-stack development, or if you're data science inclined
for example, there are roles listed here:


Feel free to drop me an e-mail at daniel.pope at twosigma.com if you'd like to
ask more, or apply via the above link. I don't have authority to deal with
recruiters so please don't contact me.
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