[python-uk] Python/Django backend developer looking for the next challenge in London

a.grandi at gmail.com a.grandi at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 04:43:42 EDT 2016


Some of you already know me (from Python Dojo, PyCon etc...), for
everyone else I introduce myself.

My name is Andrea Grandi and I've been working as Python/Django
backend developer for the last 4 years of my career. I'm now looking
for my next challenge.

If your company is hiring and it's in London, you can have a look at
my CV here https://www.andreagrandi.it/curriculum/

I don't mean to be picky, but location is an important factor for me
as I currently commute from Ashford (Kent) and I will have to live
here for the next 9-10 months. I currently commute to Paddington and
it's perfectly fine (just as an example).

Also, I have a strong preference for backend only roles. My main skill
is Python (with experience of Django, Django Rest Framework and
Flask), but I wouldn't mind to pick/learn additional languages like
(in order of preference) Go or Rust. If I had to be full stack, my
perfect combination would be Python for the backend and iOS/Swift
(which I'm currently learning) for mobile development.

Last but not least: I'm not considering to work with any recruiter (of
course I'm not talking about internal recruiters) at the moment.
Please do not contact me if you work for an external recruitment
agency, thanks!

For any question, please contact me privately, thanks.


Andrea Grandi - Software Engineer
Website: https://www.andreagrandi.it
Twitter: https://twitter.com/andreagrandi
GitHub: https://github.com/andreagrandi
PGP: 7238 74F6 886D 5994 323F 1781 8CFB 47AD C384 F0CC

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