[python-uk] PyWeek is next week, 19th-26th February

Daniel Pope mauve at mauveweb.co.uk
Mon Feb 13 17:10:40 EST 2017

Hello all,

PyWeek, the Python games programming contest, is coming up next week.


Many of you will have heard me bang on about PyWeek quite a lot over the
years - if so, sorry! It's a games programming contest where you are
challenged to write a game from scratch, in a week. You don't need to spend
a whole week - I just do evenings, for example - and winning games have
been written in an afternoon.

This week is theme voting week, in which we vote on theme options. The
winning theme - to which games must somehow be linked - will be announced
on Sunday 00:00 UTC when the contest starts. The options this time are:

   - A Flight to Remember
   - The Lesser of Two Evils
   - Cold Warriors
   - Obsoletely Fabulous
   - Insane in the Mainframe

Do any of these plant the seed of inspiration in your brain? Perhaps you
could create a 2D game with Pygame or a 3D game with OpenGL... or maybe a
web-based game with Flask... or perhaps an immersive augmented reality game
played out over social media, chaperoned by the mysterious @Ajax (Oooh, I
might do this myself!).

The point is: challenge yourself to do something creative; stretch your
Python muscles; finish something; have people play it and send you
feedback. You can enter as a team or as an individual. Why not register an
entry and give it a go?

Sign up at https://pyweek.org/register/ and register an entry at
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