[python-uk] Southampton Python User Group - Talk on Thursday 2nd March

Pepper R. ryan.pepper at soton.ac.uk
Wed Feb 22 10:07:11 EST 2017

Hi all,

The next Southampton Python User Group meeting will be next Thursday with a
talk about using Cython to increase Python code performance.

When: 6pm, Thursday 2nd March
Where: Room 1007, Building 58, University of

I’ll talk about using Cython, and will give a quick overview of features, potential
pitfalls and will show a few real world examples of how it can make a
big difference, particularly in scientific applications.

After the talk there will be a chance to give 5 minute lightning talks
- the suggested theme next week is on code performance in Python –
some suggested ideas could be:

·         The use of Numba to speed up code

·         Multiprocessing module

If you'd like to give a brief talk, please let me know!

Refreshments will be provided, and we'll go to a nearby pub afterwards
for drinks and food.

Best wishes,


Cython is a superset of the Python language, aiming to provide greater performance in the CPython implementation of the language. This is achieved by user given type annotations, and explicit disabling of language features in order to provide greater speed where this is critical in applications. Code is transformed using the Cython compiler, which generates C code; this is then compiled with a C compiler into a library, which can then be imported by Python as with any other module. In addition, C (and in simple cases C++) code can be used directly from Cython through the use of source and header files; this is particularly useful in scientific computing when wanting to call functions from an external library.

In this talk I'll give a quick overview of the features, common use cases, potential pitfalls and show a few real-world type examples.

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