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Joe Jolly joe.jolly at sartregroup.com
Tue Jan 31 06:20:25 EST 2017

Hi all,

I wanted to make you aware of an experience python role I'm currently looking to fill in London, within the Quantitative finance space.

The role involves working in the Front Office as part of a globally-distributed team (Chicago, US/ Greenwich, US/ London, UK) for a leading hedge fund, in their commodities technology business.

The role involves greenfield redevelopment (in python) of their trading platform, using the scientific libraries (numpy, scipy, pandas etc.), as part of a global initiative to update their technology infrastructure.

Experience desired is between 4-10 years, developing full applications/platforms in python, not just scripting. There is a preference for someone with experience of working in finance (investment bank/hedge fund etc.), with commodities experience a plus.

Compensation is negotiable (and experience dependent) however my client generally offer a good increase on current base salary (20%+), and variable bonus in year 1 is also likely to very lucrative (25-50% of base salary).

Feel free to reply to me to ask for any additional questions, quoting 'REFPYCIT' in the email subject.

Kind regards,

Joe Jolly

Sartre Group

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