[python-uk] Python services within existing .Net infrastructure

Jonathan Hartley tartley at tartley.com
Tue Jan 31 10:02:22 EST 2017

Hey all,

I'm joining a small company with an existing service-based 
infrastructure written in C# & F#, on Windows Server on AWS.

They want me to write some new services in Python. I'm wondering whether 
to host these Python services on Linux or on Windows.

In favour of Linux:

L1. I'm by far more familiar with Linux.

L2. Linux is Python's natural home. I expect the ecosystem to work at 
its best there.

In favour of Windows:

W1. I don't want to put up a barrier to the existing C# devs from 
working on the Python services because they don't have a Linux install. 
(although I guess this is circumvented by them using a VM)

W2. I don't want to cause a devops headache by introducing heterogeneous 
OS choices.

W3. As a specific example of W2, some places I've worked at have had 
local dev environments spin up all our services in VMs or containers on 
the local host, so we can system test across all services. I fear 
heterogeneous server OSes will make significantly harder to do. They 
also want me to lead the charge on this sort of test setup, so this is 
going to be my problem.

Thoughts welcome.


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