[python-uk] Python services within existing .Net infrastructure

Anand Kumria akumria at acm.org
Tue Jan 31 11:26:53 EST 2017

I'd probably start with utilising setting up Linux VMs / containers but
make things available on Windows.

Keep in mind that .Net (and thus C#, F#) also run on Linux as well, and
those VMs / containers tend to be cheaper overall.


On 31/01/17 15:02, Jonathan Hartley wrote:
> Hey all,
> I'm joining a small company with an existing service-based
> infrastructure written in C# & F#, on Windows Server on AWS.
> They want me to write some new services in Python. I'm wondering
> whether to host these Python services on Linux or on Windows.
> In favour of Linux:
> L1. I'm by far more familiar with Linux.
> L2. Linux is Python's natural home. I expect the ecosystem to work at
> its best there.
> In favour of Windows:
> W1. I don't want to put up a barrier to the existing C# devs from
> working on the Python services because they don't have a Linux
> install. (although I guess this is circumvented by them using a VM)
> W2. I don't want to cause a devops headache by introducing
> heterogeneous OS choices.
> W3. As a specific example of W2, some places I've worked at have had
> local dev environments spin up all our services in VMs or containers
> on the local host, so we can system test across all services. I fear
> heterogeneous server OSes will make significantly harder to do. They
> also want me to lead the charge on this sort of test setup, so this is
> going to be my problem.
> Thoughts welcome.
>     Jonathan

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