[python-uk] Python services within existing .Net infrastructure

Walter Prins wprins at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 11:46:19 EST 2017


To add to the other good avice that's been given:

You might want to look into NSSM, the Non Sucking Service Manager, to wrap
your python services into Windows services.
It makes it a doddle on Windows to wrap almost any application as a
service.  We have wrapped some node services and some other non-service
applications that should behave as services (that is to say, start at boot
time and so on) with good results.

NSSM homepage: https://nssm.cc/

Note: I see the project's certificate seems to have expired or
something since I last visited.  (I didn't get the certificate warning
previously when I last visited, so this seems likely just an omission.)

Walter Prins
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