[python-uk] London Python Dojo venues - planning ahead

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Wed Jul 19 10:17:12 EDT 2017

The London Python Dojo team is trying to put together a plan for the 
coming year, starting from September. We'd like to line up, in advance, 
hosting venues and, in certain months, specific themes.

If you've never come across the London Python Dojo, you can read a 
little about it here:


and see us on Twitter here:



This, then, is a call for companies prepared to host the Dojo over the 
coming months. Usually the hosting company provides office space and 
food & drink. But maybe you can provide the space but have no budget for 
refreshments; or you're willing to pay for beer & pizza but have no 
space suitable for 30 people. Perhaps you're willing to pay for space 
elsewhere for an evening (eg in a shared working space).

Over the years quite a few companies have generously provided space and 
food, and we hope they can again. For other companies, it's not only a 
chance to give back to the Python community, it's also gets you a bit of 
advertising and goodwill, and a chance to scout for talent!

Aside from whatever space you're providing, you're looking at something 
like 12 pizzas and beer/soft drinks for 30 people.

So, is your company willing, on one or more months, to:

* Host the Dojo in your offices and provide food?
* Sponsor a hosting venue (eg a shared space)?
* Sponsor food & drink at someone else's venue?

If you are -- or if you think you can get help in some other way -- 
please contact the London Python Dojo team: team at ldnpydojo.org.uk



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