[python-uk] A stack with better performance than using a list

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If it's who I think it is, then I'm not entirely surprised, this particular
implementation is quite taxing for python in particular, and they don't do
much in the way of catering to more modern languages in general (not a
criticism, but most problems/samples are stated in a very 'traditional' way
that isn't very pythonic, feels like transliterated C most times).

On Thu, Jun 8, 2017 at 4:42 PM Jonathan Hartley <tartley at tartley.com> wrote:

> I cannot be sure. It is certainly used by many people. They are competent
> in that it is a comprehensive online framework, allowing candidates to
> submit solutions using an online editor, in any one of about ten different
> languages. They are so large that there was no obvious way to talk to
> anyone about my individual experience. I don't knowingly know any other
> candidates who have submitted.
> I don't want to identify them because the first step of the quiz is to
> accept the T&C that you won't reveal the answers to others (oops.), but
> suffice to say they are very large Indeed.
> On 6/8/2017 03:48, Andy Robinson wrote:
> Are you sure that their test infrastructure was behaving correctly?
> Is it widely used, day in day out, by thousands, and known to be
> reliable?  Did your colleagues all brag "no problem"?  Or is it
> possible that the whole execution framework threw a momentary wobbly
> while trying to load up some large text file off some remote cloud?
> Andy
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