[python-uk] Looking for contracts

Stestagg stestagg at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 09:28:20 EDT 2017

Hi All

I'm getting married right at the start of July 🎉, and am looking for some
work between now and then. Do any of you know a company that might be
looking for someone to come in (London or remote based) for a short spell?

I specialise in back end optimisation and architecture, preferably with
Python but language usually isn't the important part, and have worked in
many areas/types of companies.  I'm usually in at a Senior/Tech Lead level.

It would be great if you knew somewhere where writing excellent and
test-ably correct code was emphasised over process.

Thanks for your patience with the list-spam, please get in touch at
ste at sta.gg if you know of anything


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