[python-uk] Python role - South East England

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Thu Oct 12 11:56:31 EDT 2017

On Thu Oct 12 11:26:17 EDT 2017, Michael wrote:

> I never understand why people get angry at jobs being posted to this list.

Me neither, but then I tend to read the list via the monthly archive pages.

> After all the footer to the list has as always https://mail.python.org/
> mailman/listinfo/python-uk
> And on that subscription page it says:
> *This list is to help UK Python users to form a community, arrange events,
> advertise help or jobs wanted or sought and generally chat.*
> It is a bit of shame that the biggest form of usage is jobs mails though.

True enough, though it's probably only a sign that the market/scene has
matured to the point that there are at least jobs where Python is a main part
of the role and not some rogue technology you have to hide from the boss.

It could be worse - a lot of activity on Planet Python, for example, seems to
be advertorials and semi-promotional in nature these days. I'll save my rant
about that for another time.

For transparency, I should say that it was me who suggested that Paul send
this job advert to the mailing list. He approached me about the role and I
told him about this mailing list and the Python Job Board. I also warned him
about the possible negative responses he might get posting here and asked him
to provide more information than he might otherwise have done, so it's
gratifying to see that he took my advice.

If the role had been in North West England then I would personally have been
more interested in it, especially if it had been a permanent position. My
rant about the job market in the UK will also have to wait for another time.


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