[python-uk] Work for your own company?

David Hughes dfh at forestfield.co.uk
Mon Sep 4 10:27:01 EDT 2017

Forgive me writing on a subject that probably doesn't interest the great 
majority of readers who are happily working for companies on cutting 
edge Python projects (no doubt with unpronounceable names containing no 
vowels!) but I'm trying to find out if there is anyone who'd like to 
explore getting involved with a small, currently one person, company 
developing and selling a single, at the moment, product with a view to 
eventually taking it over.

It's now in its 28th year and, since becoming Python based around 15 
years ago, it has been successful enough to keep the family fed and in 
reasonable comfort but I'm now significantly over state pensionable age, 
looking to wind down but believe it would be pity just to shut up shop 
and walk away from a going concern. It's not particularly challenging 
technically - currently migrating from Python 2.7 to 3.6 with wxPython, 
Reportlab and various open-source and commercial SQL databases on 
Windows and OS X - and the majority of day to day work is all the 
associated non-technical stuff.

If you are interested, please drop me a line but - unless you 
deliberately intend to do it - take care to reply just to me and not to 
the whole list. To be absolutely sure, you can also contact me directly 
using dfh<at>meibion.com


David Hughes
Forestfield Software Ltd.

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