[python-uk] Does anyone need help finding Python developers?

Sophie Hendley sophie.hendley at digvis.co.uk
Wed Jul 11 10:22:31 EDT 2018

Hey Guys,

I will keep it brief, I am on the hunt for clients who need Python
developers. I have just had a long term client of mine make an unfortunate
round of redundancies and I need a bit more variety in what I can offer to
these candidates. I am coming cap in hand to see if anyone wants to meet
for a coffee or have a call and discuss open Python roles they might be
looking to use agencies to recruit for.

Check out my website below if you want to see a bit more about Digital
vision and me.

Thanks all.


Sophie Hendley| Founder| Digital Vision

*M:* 07505145903

*E: *sophie.hendley at digvis.co.uk

*W:* www.digvis.co.uk
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