[python-uk] Using your Python career to make the world a better place (for real!)

Nicholas H.Tollervey ntoll at ntoll.org
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I've worked with Steve over the course of several years. For instance,
he designed the snakes used extensively by PyCon UK but which were
originally for the education track and creation of educational resources
(and they're released as a free-to-use community resource too). We've
also worked on several other web based Python-y projects.

You really *do* want to look into working with him if he has an
opportunity for you to do so.

NOTE: Steve didn't ask me to write this email... in fact, he's probably
as surprised as you are by this email. Let that be a signal of the high
regard I have for him and his colleagues. I can't recommend Steve and
Dev Society highly enough.


On 17/07/18 12:23, Stephen Hawkes wrote:
> And now for something completely different... (puts on best John Cleese
> voice)
> Do you want to use your Python skills in a creative, fast paced team
> working exclusively with some of the world's biggest and most effective
> charities, NGOs and not for profit organisations? 
> Do you want to work in a team where you have an equal share in shaping
> our direction and you are supported to grow as a developer and a person? 
> If 'yes' then DEV might be the perfect place for you. We're The
> Developer Society, a total not-for-profit co-op digital agency based in
> Birmingham's awesome Digbeth area and with the possibility of a
> flexible/remote working arrangement. We work on solving fascinating
> problems with inspiring people and we are committed to empowering each
> other at the same time. Rather than VC pressure (and the joy of share
> dilution!), we model real company ownership, and it's working...
> All of our projects are all Python powered and we love to support PyCon
> UK & the PSF where we can (hope you liked the PyConUK design!), and
> efforts to grow the community in the UK (check out codegrades.com
> <http://codegrades.com/>, a recent design from us)
> We believe that great people want to do meaningful and challenging work
> that contributes to the lives of others...and at DEV you don't have to
> sacrifice a salary to do so. We work exclusively with amazing charities
> and NGOs like The Refugee Council, Macmillan, Save The Children, Help
> Refugees, Amnesty International, 38 Degrees and lots of others. 
> If you'd like to know more about life at DEV then read up here
> <https://www.dev.ngo/join/> and to see more about our Python roles here
> <https://www.dev.ngo/join/django-jobs/>. Come join us and use your
> skills to make the world a better place.
> Would genuinely love to hear what you think about all of this.
> (And if you ever want a custom Python illustration for your meetup, let
> me know, I had way too much fun with the PyCon UK ones)
> ~Steve
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> Stephen Hawkes
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