[python-uk] 2X Freelance Python folk needed in London - £550 per day

Stevie Buckley stevie at unmade.com
Tue Jun 5 04:45:41 EDT 2018

Hey folks

The team here at Unmade.com are looking to hire two python freelancers ASAP.

We're using Python3, Django and Django rest framework within a dockerised
environment. Lightweight agile process, trello tickets, and more Kanban
than sprint.

We're a well funded tech startup with approximately 30 full-time staff,
about half of which are engineers, based in Somerset House. I'm pretty sure
we're the only startup in London with three enormous industrial knitting
machines on-site that we use for R&D which is a nice alternative to the
usual ping-pong table startup trope.

There's a variety of work that we need extra help with so if you're
interested, have any questions, or know someone who might be interested,
then give me a shout.


*PS: We're growing at a healthy rate so if you're a python engineer looking
for permanent work, then you can see the spec for that
here: https://unmade.workable.com/jobs/578131
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