[python-uk] Documentation sprint with Eric Holscher (London)

Marc Garcia garcia.marc at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 11:13:51 EDT 2018

Hi there,

For any fan of documentation, in our next Python sprint, we'll be honoured
to have Eric Holscher sprinting with us. Eric is a director of the PSF, and
co-founder of Read the Docs and Write the Docs.

The sprint will be Thursday next week (21st of June) at 6pm in the offices
of QuantumBlack (thanks for hosting us!) next to Trafalgar square, in

At the beginning of the sprint everybody will have the opportunity to
"sell" the project they are interested in. Among others you'll have the
opportunity to work on the docs of pandas (I'll lead that sprint myself),
Django, Jupyter, and other projects.

More info and RSVP:

See you there!
Marc | https://twitter.com/datapythonista |
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