[python-uk] Exercism.io needs Python mentors

a.grandi at gmail.com a.grandi at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 10:20:42 EDT 2018

Hello folks!

Exercism.io ( https://exercism.io ) is a platform designed to help
people improve their coding skills through practice and mentorship.

Recently it re-launched with a new mentoring feature. All the students
there are guaranteed to receive feedback from a mentor. This greatly
helps students with learning many languages, including Python.

Python is well-represented on Exercism when it comes to student
interest. (Un)fortunately, it is disproportionately more popular to
learn Python than to teach it, thus we are asking for your help!

If you would want to help a bunch of enthusiastic learners improve
their Python skill, go to https://mentoring.exercism.io for details.

There are actually many languages on Exercism that could use
additional mentors. If you are not comfortable mentoring Python, it
would be possible to mentor another language.

If you need more encouragement, someone wrote a blog post about what
they personally enjoyed about being a mentor:

Thank you so much, cheers

Credits: I've re-used the text from this post on Reddit which was
related to Scala

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