[python-uk] Farewell, relocating to Italy and looking for a remote job

Ian Makgill ian at spendnetwork.com
Mon Oct 1 04:02:03 EDT 2018


Could we set up a call? We're looking for a Dev in the new year and would
be very happy to do remote working. We're an open data business and so
would like to think we offer something slightly more interesting and
wholesome than some of the usual fare. We could certainly do with some GDS
wisdom in our team, so do let me know if you're free to do a call.



On Sat, 29 Sep 2018 at 11:54, a.grandi at gmail.com <a.grandi at gmail.com> wrote:

> from greetings import farewell
> Good morning folks!
> I don't want to bother you with many details, but for family reasons
> (I can't confirm nor deny it has anything to do with what may happen
> in March 2019), me and my wife will relocate to Italy (where she just
> got an amazing training job as Geriatric specialisation doctor).
> I'm planning to stay in London no later than March and I hope to be
> able to catch up with those of you that I know in person, before I
> definitely leave.
> I met a good number of amazing people during my time in UK. I can't
> probably mention everyone, but I will at least mention those I did
> learn a lot from (I hope I didn't forget anyone!).
> Nicholas, Ravi, Daniel Pope, Harry Percival, Tim Golden, Daniele
> Procida: it's been a pleasure to meet you at Python Dojo and PyCon UK!
> Work wise, I'm still enjoying my job at GDS (they are of course aware
> of my situation), but since I won't be able to bring this job with me
> in Italy, I really would like to find a remote job which I can start
> here and continue from there once I will have moved.
> If you are aware of any company hiring remote Python/Django (I'm also
> learning Go, just don't expect me to be fluent as much as I'm with
> Python) backend developers, I would be glad to know.
> I'm sure we will be able to stay in touch through the mailing list or
> on Twitter, I just won't be able to attend your local meetups.
> farewell("folks!")
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