[python-uk] WiPhone, a phone you can program in Python

Ben Wilson ben at wiphone.io
Sun Apr 14 12:32:25 EDT 2019

Hey all... I'm making a VoIP mobile phone that runs Python apps. The
firmware will be open. Wanted to share and get the word out.

I wanted a phone that lets hackers do what they want (instead of trapping
you in a walled garden, huge IDE, non-serviceable design, etc.). The
hardware is also meant to be easily expandable: the back of the phone is a
PCB that can be swapped out for custom modules. Sort of like project Ara,
except it's just a PCB. any hobby-level electrical designer should be able
to make their own custom module.

Kickstarter link:

recent Reddit discussion:

build logs: https://hackaday.io/project/159811-esp32-wiphone

Happy to answer questions here or on Reddit.


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