[python-uk] Your submission: A tour of data viz in Python

Daniele Procida daniele at vurt.org
Wed Aug 14 10:50:19 EDT 2019

On Wed, Aug 14, 2019, Ann Barr <ann.barr at uk.python.org> wrote:

>Requests for free or reduced prices tickets were made via the financial
>assistance programme which closed for applications shortly after the
>CfP. All allocations have now been made.
>If you are purchasing your own ticket, you can order an individual
>ticket which offers a significant discount on the standard ticket price.

Hi everyone. As you may have guessed, this message was meant to be private and wasn't intended to be sent to a public audience.

Unfortunately, when we replied to the person who emailed us, we intended to cc the organising team email address, pyconuk at uk.python.org. Instead we inadvertently cc'd python-uk at python.org, the UK Python email list.

We're very sorry about this and apologise for the mistake, particularly to the person whose message and details were accidently shared.

(I'm the conference directory this year; I'm posting from this account because the PyCon UK organisers' email address is not a member of this list.)

There's no way to unsend the message, but if you feel you want to continue the discussion here, please take care to remove Élèonore's details from any further messages.

Apologies again.


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