[python-uk] London Python Dojo 10th Anniversary

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Sat Aug 31 02:21:01 EDT 2019


Please join us for the London Python Dojo's 10th Anniversary edition 
next Thursday evening September 5th. We've coaxed Nicholas Tollervey -- 
who started the Dojo 10 years ago -- out of retirement to host / 
cat-herd for us one more time. We'll be reminiscing about past Dojo 
laughs and disasters and, of course, having the usual Dojo collaborative 
coding mayhem.

The Dojo will take place at Memrise [*] offices near Liverpool Street 
and we're especially grateful to them for stepping up at short notice 
when our planned venue had to pull out.

The tickets are free and are available via the Eventbrite link above. If 
you haven't encountered the London Python Dojo before you can read about 
it here: http://ldnpydojo.org.uk/. But, in short, it's a friendly social 
coding event, open to peopl with any Python experience or none. 
(Seriously: we have people turn up and enjoy themselves who've never 
opened an interpreter in their lives).

Please do come along and help us make our 10th anniversary enjoyable and 
fun. If you have any questions, tweet us @ldnpydojo or email the team: 
team at ldnpydojo.org.uk


[*] https://twitter.com/memrise

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