[python-uk] Come and work with me at made.com?

Harry Percival harry.percival at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 10:33:13 EST 2019

Hi All,

I've been doing some quite interesting work for a new employer, Made.com,
for about a year now, and we're hiring, so I hope you'll allow me a brief
jobs email?

What's interesting about the work:  it's not a startup, it's not a django
app, it's not a bank, it's not data science.  It's Python being used to
power a retail/logistics business.  Quite a traditional "enterprise"
software domain, a place where you'd usually see Java or C#, but Made have
committed to use Python for all their supply chain software.

As a result, we're dealing with quite a lot of business complexity, and
we're dealing with it by applying some architecture patterns that are quite
common in the Java/C# world, but (in my admittedly limited experience at
least) still quite rare in the Python world.  DDD / domain modelling,
repository pattern, dependency inversion, ports and adapters, CQRS, event
sourcing, you name it.  The chief architect, Bob, is crazy smart and a
lovely person to boot and is coaching everyone through all of this, and
it's been a great education.

I blogged about it a bit here:

So that's the pitch really:  proper enterprise architecture, in Python 3.7,
with a team that's doing all the right things in terms of TDD, devops,
continuous delivery, and so on.  We have "10% time" aka Friday time once a
fortnight where we can work on spontaneous self-started projects.  The
office is in old st.  Remote and onsite are both possible (although it is
either/or).  you get 30% off the stuff...

Happy to answer any questions!

all the best

PS oh yeah, I forgot to say, the IT team is big enough that if you don't
*actually* want to work directly with me, it's quite likely that you'll be
able to avoid it.  this is for the people that already know me ;)

PPS work suggested I mention that they have an exclusive agreement with an
agency already, so they aren't accepting submissions via other agencies.


Harry Percival
+44 78877 02511
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