[python-uk] European pandas summit

Marc Garcia garcia.marc at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 08:36:01 EST 2019

Hi there,

The first weekend of February we're having a gathering of contributors of
pandas and its ecosystem in London.

We'll be sprinting and having technical discussions during the weekend. And
Friday afternoon there will be a session with talks, discussions and

If you're a contributor, and you want to attend, please get in touch.

Also, we're organising a panel with corporate users to discuss how pandas
is used in organisations. And we have couple of spots lefts for lightning
talks. If you are or you know of someone who would like to participate in
any, let me know. Ideally someone who increases the diversity of our so far
only white male speakers.

Finally, if pandas is critical for your company, and your company wants to
get involved in its development, please let me know too. We'd like to have
some informal discussions on Friday to see how companies can better support
pandas development.

Link to the event: https://python-sprints.github.io/europandas2019/

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