[python-uk] Looking for help on a django project - for a front-end leaning Django developer

Ian Makgill ian at spendnetwork.com
Wed Jan 30 14:26:06 EST 2019

Hi Everyone,

I'm the Founder at Spend Network, and would be happy to answer any
questions about Spend Network and the role.



On Wed, 30 Jan 2019 at 15:58, Chris Adams <wave at chrisadams.me.uk> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I've been working on a fun django project since summer last year, and and
> we're looking for either a django developer with an interest in front end
> and UI, or a front end developer who would like to learn a bit more django,
> to help us build out a new product.
> *The problem(s) you'd be solving*
> We're building a product based on open data, to make public sector tending
> more effective, by aggregating the data in one place, and making it easily
> searchable, and building data products on top of it.
> This might be making it possible to subscribe to new tenders published by
> organisations with a history of buying from  small business or helping a
> team do cool analysis to work out the CO2 emissions you could achieve if
> London switched entirely to renewable power in its public procurement and
> so on.
> *The project and codebase*
> You would be working on a Django application, hosted on Heroku, that
> connects to a large PostgresSQL database and Elasticsearch cluster, in a
> small team, working mostly with one other developer, one data analyst and
> the founder, to deliver features, before making them available to users.
> When working with the front end, you'd be extending a bootstrap based
> front end, using Grunt, SCSS, and where javascript is in use, mainly jQuery
> based plugins.
> When working with charts and data visualisations, you'd be working with
> D3-based charts, mainly generated using Altair, a python based library for
> describing chats that can be rendered using D3 and Vega.
> Yes, there are tests and CI, and a pipeline for shipping code behind
> flags, but yes, as ever, the tests run slower than we'd like them to.
> You'd be working closest with the co-founder, a data analyst. and another
> python developer, who also codes django.
> *The team - Spend Network*
> Spend Network is a data analysis company dedicated to solving problems
> through the release of open data. We’re a small, friendly team that cares
> about being inclusive and doing good work. We’re open to remote working
> and flexible working. For instance, we'd love to work with someone who was
> returning to work, could only work 9-to-3, or needed a job share. We’re
> inquisitive, supportive and diligent.
> We work with procurement data and have the largest, open database of
> tenders in the world (you can see some of it here: [https://openopps.com)
> <https://openopps.com%5D(https://openopps.com/)>). We sell our data to
> businesses and Governments, but also make the data available for free to
> academics, journalists and activists.
> *More details here:*
> https://www.notion.so/Front-end-dev-job-spec-47130890c7294035862279bc5aebfffb
> *Getting in touch*
> Please send an email to Ian on contact at spendnetwork.com.
> Thanks folks!
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