[python-uk] Job: Open Data, Workers-Coop, Remote in UK, Full or Part time .... and Python3!

James Baster james.baster at opendataservices.coop
Wed Mar 27 06:54:05 EDT 2019


Open Data Services is an established workers co-operative delivering
sustainable support for world-changing open data projects, including the
Open Contracting Data Standard, the 360Giving open philanthropy initiative,
the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), Open Referral and the
Beneficial Ownership Data Standard.

We’re an interdisciplinary team, with developers, analysts and researchers
working together to create tools and services that help organisations
publish and use open data for social change.

Since we started in 2015 we’ve grown from 4 to 16 staff and co-operative
members, providing family-friendly and flexible working. We’re creating a
great place to work, whilst contributing to open data impacts across the
We are currently hiring for a developer!

Details at: http://opendataservices.coop/jobs/

I've been here for a year and it's a great place to work; as a workers
co-op we genuinely care about each others work/life balance and there is
the chance to get involved in all levels around the work and the co-op.
Technically, we use a wide range of actual code stuff (see the ad) and
there is the chance to get involved in and shape our code working

If you have questions, please email the address in the job advert - NOT me
(we take diversity seriously and do things to try and avoid bias, like
anonymising written applications).

We have a very open application process as we are aware not everyone has
come through the traditional university and degree process.

If you want to apply, see the job ad - closing 9am on 15th April 2019


ps. No Agencies please.

Open Data Services Co-operative Limited is a company limited by shares,
operated as a Workers' Co-operative
Registered in England. Company number: 09506232
1st Floor, Holyoake House, Hanover Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester,
M60 0AS
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