[python-uk] On the hunt (but not for trolls)

Sophie Hendley sophie.hendley at digvis.co.uk
Thu Jan 30 07:03:18 EST 2020

Hey All,

I have been toying with sending this email and have decided in good faith
that most people on the list are good enough to take a quick glance and
delete without giving me too much abuse if it doesn't interest you. I have
had a little trolling on here previously so excuse the nerves.

I own a small (but powerful) tech agency of recruiters (all with 5-10 years
experience). We have recently finished up some huge staffing projects and I
am on the lookout for new clients. If you need some support filling
technical roles (Python is my main bag) I can give you the full spiel. But
above all we are delivery focused, nice normal people who can offer
excellent references from our clients.

[image: no-trolls-allowed-stock-image_csp50436569.jpg]

*Schedule a call:* https://calendly.com/sophie-hendley

*M:* 07505 145903

*E: *sophie.hendley at digvis.co.uk

*L: *www.linked.com/shendley <https://www.linkedin.com/in/shendley/>

*W:* www.digvis.co.uk
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