[python-uk] who wants to hire my friend Ian?

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Sun Jul 19 04:45:48 EDT 2020

Sadly I fear it is a very tough time in the market for anyone looking
for work now.  Anyone else finding the same?

Half our business is consulting - writing reports for people -  and to
be honest just about every client who had a project planned found
their own businesses grinding to a halt in April and May, and put the
brakes on.  Large organisations almost uniformly started out with an
attitude of "let's use this quiet time and improve our systems", and
it morphed into "all projects on hold until normality returns".   And,
if anyone needs manpower, there's a whole year's worth of computer
science grads just come on the market, as well as furloughed IT staff
volunteering for other projects.  Hopefully it will work itself out in
a couple of months...

- Andy

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