[python-uk] Anvil are hiring Developers (all levels) and Developer Advocates!

Meredydd Luff meredydd at anvil.works
Wed Jun 23 12:23:38 EDT 2021

Hi all,

We're hiring again! Anvil (https://anvil.works) is a platform for
full-stack web apps entirely in Python. That's Python running in the
browser, Python on the server - even a Python-flavoured database - and a
drag'n'drop designer with a Python UI framework. No more JS frameworks:
we're trying to fix web development. You may have heard about us on the
Real Python Podcast, or seen me talking at PyCon or Python Web Conf.

We're looking for *Developers* (at all levels of experience), to build the
platform that makes this possible. There's lots to do - from the
Python-to-JS compiler and UI toolkit (JS, natch) to the code editor and
drag'n'drop designer (mostly JS) to the back-end that makes it go, manages
the infrastructure, does version control, and hosts users' apps (Clojure +
Python). (Honestly, there are several tech talks in each of those; we're
breaking new ground in a lot of ways. This is not a boring stack.)

We don't need you to be familiar with all of these languages - if you're
junior, you don't need to know any of them, and if you're more experienced
we'd like you to hit the ground running with one of them, but either way,
there's plenty to learn. And of course, an awful lot of your work will be open
source <https://github.com/anvil-works/anvil-runtime> :)

We're also looking for *Developer Advocates*: developers with great
communication skills, to show people how to build awesome things with
Anvil. You’ll be writing how-to guides, blog posts and tutorials, building
example apps, live-coding at conferences (when those resume)...and then
helping us work out how to make Anvil even better.

It's rewarding work - developers love meeting Anvil (our booth always gets
mobbed at conferences), and we've got big improvements coming. We're a
small startup, so you can expect a lot of autonomy, huge impact, and
meaningful equity; but we're humans first and entrepreneurs second, so you
can also expect flexible working, sensible work/life balance, and a
friendly, diverse team (the men are a minority in this company). We also
welcome part-time applicants in all roles.

We're based in Cambridge, but we're now hiring semi-remote - that's anyone
who would be OK working from our office a day or two a week (or equivalent)
once things get a bit safer.

For more details, to read what it's like to work here, or to apply, go to:

Meredydd Luff
Founder - https://anvil.works

Tel: +1 650-468-0667

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