[python-uk] Hiring a Research Assistant/Associate in PL/VMs

Edd Barrett edd at theunixzoo.co.uk
Mon Nov 8 06:50:08 EST 2021

Hi everyone,

The soft-dev team at King's College London (https://soft-dev.org/) has an open
position for a Research Assistant or Associate.

This position requires a mix of research and engineering to understand how to
migrate programs between different versions of a language, using Python 2 to
Python 3 as a concrete example. We will need to tackle the problem from
different angles, for example augmenting CPython 2.x to dynamically identify
idioms which will cause problems under Python 3. Excellent programming skills
(C and Python are particularly useful, but excellence can be shown in any other
programming language too e.g. C++/Java/Rust) are required for this role as is
the ability to work well with others. The successful applicant will work in a
friendly team with existing Python and VM skills.

We welcome people with different backgrounds/routes into research: there's no
need to fit a standard profile. We are also comfortable, and experienced, with
long-term largely-remote work within the UK.

The deadline for applications is the 21st of November.

More details can be found here:


Please contact Laurence Tratt <laurie at tratt.net> with any informal queries
you may have.


Best Regards
Edd Barrett


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