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We're a small UK company called Premonition Software, looking to hire a
full stack python developer, in a permanent role, as we grow the company.
We're 100% remote, led by 2 hands-on co-founders, with everyone based in
the UK.

We're doing interviews at the moment including an online coding exercise
(pair programming in AWS Cloud9) where we're looking for fluency in python
coding as well as problem-solving ability and communication skills. Full
details below.

# Background

At Premonition, we build PropTech SaaS software to help clients with large
property estates (including high street retailers and government
organisations) by intelligently processing their financial data, analysing
their statutory documents and collecting important information directly
from their suppliers via our easy-to-use web applications and REST APIs.

To do this, we use:

* async python and React+MUI
* MongoDB
* Kubernetes
* web services from AWS and Google

You will work directly with the hands-on founders of a growing software
business and have the perfect opportunity to build on their industry
insights by creating niche software which aims to be a joy to use. You can
read about our range of products at: https://premonition.software

# Requirements

* Several years of professional experience as a software developer
* A solid base of programming fluently in python, including significant
projects in your career history and a comprehensive knowledge of the
* Experience writing single-page applications (SPA) and familiarity with
Material Design
* Experience of technical leadership would be beneficial
* Although the role is remote, you must be based in the UK: If you prefer
not to work from home, we can arrange desk space at a suitable co-working
facility, as necessary
* The hours worked could be flexible or the role could be part-time if
* Aside from the day-to-day role, you will need to travel to London, at
least twice a year for technical workshops and pair programming with the
rest of the team

# How We Work

We're a 100% remote company, partly because we appreciate that software
development is a creative endeavour. Whilst our architectural and design
principles are rigorously applied, we encourage developers to produce their
best work by giving them space and time to experiment and create.

We believe that written communication is the most powerful way to convey
complex topics, so we set time aside for designs to be written up, reviewed
and discussed before coding starts. You will then be expected to write code
that is easy to read, has thorough test coverage and to own the deployment
process, which is fully automated, right through to production. Once in
production, we consider monitoring a healthy running application to be key
functionality and you may be required to provide "on call" support where
you have control over how the automatic monitoring is implemented.

You will sometimes need to research and evaluate new libraries and
technologies and work towards a team consensus on what is introduced and
the scope of where it is used. You will particularly need to keep up to
speed on security best practices (e.g. the OWASP Top Ten) as all our code
is reviewed and tested from a security standpoint.

# How To Apply

This is a permanent role. No agencies please. Please prepare your CV as a
PDF and apply at: https://premonition.software/careers.html or drop us a
note with any questions to: contact at premonitionsoftware.co.uk

Dan @ Premonition Software
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