[python-uk] Python and documentation at Canonical

Daniele Procida daniele at vurt.org
Wed Jul 27 05:17:43 EDT 2022

Hello Python community friends.

We’re recruiting for a number of Python and Python-centric roles at Canonical . We build a lot of Python-based tools and infrastructure, and generally speaking, there's a lot of Python around. In addition, if you’re interested in Ubuntu and have strong thoughts on how to make it the best possible platform for Python developers and users, we’d certainly like to talk to you.

See https://grnh.se/a0bdef571us for a list of open roles. 

And not it’s not strictly Python (some of it will be though): we are hiring for ~14 technical authors in a variety of different teams. As a technical author you’ll be part of an engineering team, and you will co-ordinate and drive their documentation efforts. 

You’ll work closely with me (which may or may not be a plus for you) and a cohort of technical authors who are all working together to turn documentation at Canonical into a world-class technical practice.

https://grnh.se/00fa0f211us for more details. 

Or drop me a line privately, if anyone simply wants to know more about what it’s like to work at Canonical in general, I am more than happy to give you my candid thoughts.



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