[python-win32] Monitoring a running Windows program

Troy Sorzano pythonwin32@infopackaging.com
Wed, 31 Oct 2001 17:25:45 EST

Hi All,

I am new to python and trying to create a simple EXE monitor.  As you 
know windows programs are not very stable.  I have one such app that I 
would like to have a python script monitor.  If it is not running then 
my script will start it up using ShellExecute.  If it is running then 
do nothing.  I am trying to use some info I found on the Microsoft 
technet web site.  It suggests:

"Using the Windows API function GetModuleUsage, your program can 
monitor the status of a shelled process.  The return value from Shell, 
can be used to call GetModuleUsage continuously within a loop to poll 
whether or not the shelled program has finished executing."

Problem is I can't find GetModuleUsage in the Win32.  Is there another 
way to monitor Windows executables?


Troy Sorzano