[python-win32] RE: VB Interfaces

Blair Hall b.hall@irl.cri.nz
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 17:20:16 +1300


I didn't know what VBScript was to be honest. Now I only
know that I don't know much about it!

Anyway, the following code worked as a .vbs script

dim t,n
set t = CreateObject("TestDll17.test")
set n = t.makeN( 23 )
t.val n,n

That is the code, which fails when Python calls it, runs with VBScript.

Hope this helps!


At 14:05 13/12/02 +1100, Mark Hammond wrote:
>Can you try the test code from VBScript - NOT VB.
>It would then look just like the Python one:
>t = CreateObject("TestDll16.test")
>n = t.makeN( 23 )
>t.val( n,n )
>See how that goes.