[python-win32] Win32 COM starter book.

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 17:11:18 +1100

> I just started with Python and with programming in the Win32
> environment as
> well.  The "Python programming with Win32" book by Mark Hammond & Andy
> Robinson seems to be a great book. (1/3 of the way through).


> I am
> struggling with the concepts presented by the COM world and
> wondered what a
> good resource (book) might be for the beginning programmer.
> Any advice is
> greatly appreciated.  Thanks in Advance!

Nope, sorry - but you could try comp.lang.python.  So long as you keep it
vaguely Python related, plenty of people there will be more than happy to
help you out with the non-Python specific COM concepts (along with lots of
"get a real OS" comments, but that's life <wink>)

> Also, while not quite there yet.  The .NET environment seems
> to be right
> around the corner (in acceptance and implementation).  I know
> that some
> preliminary work was done in that environment but there is no
> .NET version
> of Python just yet.  Will the investment (in time) with
> learning the ins and
> outs of the COM/DCOM/COM++ environments be useful?  (just the
> frustration
> talking, :-)

Yes, it certainly will be useful.  COM isn't going away any time soon, and
.NET is really just a cleaner COM.