[python-win32] Problems with PythonWin on Windows 2000

Tony Cappellini tony@tcapp.com
Sun, 10 Nov 2002 23:18:23 -0800

I'm using PythonW on Windows 2000.

When I make changes to a source file, and save the changes, I usually click 
on the Import/Reload button, or manually load the file again. However, when 
I execute the script after re-importing/reloading, , Pythonwin reports the 
same error. It even shows the OLD source code line, as if it didn't see 
that I had made changes to the source, saved the changes and re-imported 
the module. I've verified that the changes I've made are actually in the 
source file, by using an editor outside of PythonWin.

Is this a common problem ?