[python-win32] ANNOUNCE: Python for Windows extensions now at SourceForge

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Sat Apr 12 14:26:09 EDT 2003

The Python for Windows extensions are now hosted at SourceForge.  The 
project page can be located via https://pywin32.sourceforge.net

This will mean nothing to most people.  The win32all packages will still 
be downloaded from my starship page.  However, the following does change:

* I will be tracking all bugs at sourceforge.  I still have plenty of 
bugs to add out of my inbox, but in the meantime, add your favourite! 
There is a mailing list for bugs at:

* The CVS repository has now moved to sourceforge.  The old pythonpros 
repository currently still works, but no further updates will be made 
there.  See the CVS instructions at the sourceforge page (noting that 
along with the "Root", the top directory name has also changed from 
"PyWin32" to "pywin32".)

* CVS checkin messages will now also be managed by sourceforge. 
Unfortunately, I am not able to bulk-subscribe the current subscribers 
to the new list.  So everyone subscribed to 
win32-checkins at pythonpros.com (CCd) will need to re-subscribe at:

Many thanks to Greg Stein, who has kindly managed the existing CVS 
repository and mailing list for the last many years, and spent a lot of 
time on administration!



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