[python-win32] Web-embeddable ActiveX

Paul Prescod paul at prescod.net
Mon Apr 14 09:09:44 EDT 2003

Mark Hammond wrote:
> ...
>>Let's say I build or borrow an appropriate set of
>>binaries, should I then expect that the right way to do this is to build
>>a CAB with cabarc or to build a monolithic DLL that represents the whole
> I think the cab.  I'd love to get this working well, and py2exe is on my
> list too - spambayes has given me a real life project to use it on :)

I'm not clear on whether you're saying that you've built Active-X CABs 
and they work okay (with the installer patch) or whether you want to 
make them work okay when you get an opportunity.

  Paul Prescod

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