[python-win32] differences between ActiveState Python and Standard Python + win32all?

Scott Prive scottprive at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 17 19:08:47 EDT 2003

Hi all,

I probably should start by saying "thanks for this list" and the time spent
answering questions. My first post should not have been a complaint about
what appeared to be a binding that didn't match the docs. Thanks again,
Mark/all :-D

Onto my second question:
If I am not misunderstanding, for Windows users there are two platforms for
win32 programming? One is ActiveState, and the other is standard python.org
with Mark's win32all extension.

Do I have this correct?

If so, should I use one over the other and/or are there major differences
(within the context of win32 programming). I grabbed the AS installer simply
because it's all in one.

Thanks again,


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