[python-win32] Black out screen

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Sun Apr 20 23:54:19 EDT 2003

Hi,  I made a mistake by installing both Python2.2 (for windows)
> and ActivePython2.2 on the same PC running on Win2K. Python2.2 was
> installed first before ActivePython.  Subsequently, a friend passed
> me a Python-based Net Send program together with GUI.  However,
> even when I run the source codes, my screen will black out while
> the message was being sent.  In fact, for some of my programs that
> does a external calling of other .exe programs, my screen blacks
> out during the period it is running. I had uninstalled both
> Python2.2 and ActivePython2.2 and reinstall the ActivePython2.2 but
> the same problem persisted.  Uninstalling this and reinstalling
> Python2.2, the same problem persisted as well.  Was there some
> configuration conflict?  As it I've not seen any documentation on
> this, I'm not sure where the problem really is.

Thanks, anybody got any idea what happened?ET

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