[python-win32] Python COM - Project 2000 (openPool attribute)

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 10:33:22 +1100

Make sure you have the most recent win32all available - named arguments were
recently fixed, and this is almost certainly your problem.


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Subject: [python-win32] Python COM - Project 2000 (openPool attribute)

Hi ,

    I need to open a Project 2000 file without the Shared Resource Dialog
poping-up using python. I tried to manipulate the openPool property in the
FileOpen method by setting it to "pjDoNotOpenPool" - ie. 0x4 . But this
doesnt work for me. Still I get the dialog poping-up.

code sample:

prj = DispatchEx( 'MSProject.Application' )    # create instance of Project
prj.Visible = False
prjapp =
nPool=0x4, NoAuto=True)

****** openPool = 0x4   , is = pjDoNotOpenPool..........But still I get the
dialog being popped-up.
Kindly help me out.

Kind Rgds,
    Elester Johnson