[python-win32] COM Event Question

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 22:39:26 +1100

> That threw an AttributeError, because my "group" didn't have a
> .GetTypeInfo() method.  I also tried dispatching the OPCGroup object using
> the CLSID from the type library, but I got a COM error (object not
> registered).  So I'm still stuck on how to dispatch my OPCGroup
> with events.

That is a shame.  It means life will be more difficult.  Technically, makepy
should have the info it needs without this - I will try and remember to look
into this.

> A separate problem, but one that may be related, is that I can't
> get all the
> methods in the type library to work.  Many of them do, but not all.  It
> seems that methods that pass "dynamically sized arrays" aren't working for
> me.  I get a COM error, with an SCode value of E_INVALIDARG.
> Since most of
> the events also pass these arrays, I wonder if that creates a problem.

It may.  We work with most COM objects perfectly, but alot of the rules are
pretty vague, so we do occasionally strike problems.  Particularly with
"older" projects, where the IDispatch implementations are manual, rather
than automatic (as with VB/ATL)

> I'd appreciate any additional pointers you might have on how to further
> troubleshoot this.  I'd also like to say that I really appreciate
> the tools
> and documentation that you've developed.  I'm reading your book, and I'm
> just having a lot of fun using python with Windows.  Thanks.

You will probably have to get down at the raw COM level, or help fix
DispatchWithEvents ;)