[python-win32] standalone COM server question

Peter Schay pschay@pobox.com
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 18:47:21 -0800 (PST)

  I'm trying to use the mcmillan installer to
distribute a windows COM server.  I can get a regular
program to work but not the COM server.  Something is
not right; I'd be most grateful for suggestions.

  After running MakeCOMServer.py and Build.py, the
resulting exe file can show signs of life by popping
up a win32ui.MessageBox when I run it on my dev system
(which has python installed).  However; when I run it
on a freshly installed Win2KPro system (with all the
latest updates but nothing more), nothing happens!

  If I install Python, still nothing happens.  Once I
install win32all, the program works (i.e. it pops up a
dialog box).  What does win32all add to the system to
make this work?  Is it possible for me to distribute
this COM server without requiring target systems to
have Python and win32all?

  The following trivial, non-comserver program works
just fine from the mcmillan installer distribution on
the freshly-installed Win2KPro system:
import win32ui