[python-win32] ANN: pyasp v0.2

jj@void.si jj@void.si
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 01:13:23 +0100 (CET)

PyAsp is tool which tries to make python asp coding easier. It is
compatible with MS IIS serverpages as much as possible. PyAsp is not a IIS
replacement, but a small in-house tool which adds profiling and debugging
to Mark's python ASP implementation.

- Generated python source can be debugged using pywin.debugger
- Profiler support
- Request tracking: each served page can be tracked to last 12 requests
and for each request we can see complete output (including headers),
request header, session variables, time used to serve the request
- Simple user interface (self hosted by PyAsp and accessible with latest
browsers (must support xml and xslt, tested with ie6, phoenix)
- XML-RPC in asp page, self documenting, browser invocation
- Standalone web server to test python ASP scripts.
- Embedded asp server - PyAsp in own thread can provide web interface to
the app.
- Happydoc collects comments of all served pages.
- Power Service Objects are integrated in mod_python version


Janez Jere